Litter Robot App Won T Reset

Litter Robot App Won T Reset. Check your device's internet connection. That's always worked for me.

My normally picky cats are obsessed with the Litter Robot
My normally picky cats are obsessed with the Litter Robot from

I've tried to reset/unplug, delete and reinstall the app. After emptying the waste drawer and pushing the drawer back into place, double check that you. It’s becoming a real pain in the ass.

Blue Light Keeps Flashing, Tried Hard Reset.

However i had to upgrade my modem & router, and now i can't connect my lr over wifi. The app just keeps spinning and timing out. Every time the unit is turned on, the cat sensor measures the weight of the unit and detects if there are any changes to it.

If You Hit The Button On The Unit, It Doesn't Zero The Gauge, But When You Clear It In The App Is Does.

Please enable airplane mode before attempting to onboard. That's always worked for me. I clean it often so there is no poop that would set it off please help!

Connect Multiple Robots Onboard One Or.

I had a similar issue because i thought pressing the reset gauge button in the app would be all i needed. Allow the unit to complete the timing, cycle, and return to home position. How to fix the blinking blue light on the litter robot open air that says the tray is full when it’s not.

Yellow Light Turns Off, Blue Light Remains Lit.

Completely close the app (swipe it away). Litter robot connect general overview. The unit isn’t pushed into a corner or against a wall or piece of furniture:

After Emptying The Waste Drawer And Pushing The Drawer Back Into Place, Double Check That You Haven’t Pushed The Whole Unit Up Against Anything Before Pressing Reset.

For the app issue, i always just hit the reset button on the unit, then clear it in the app. However, a flashing yellow light could mean one of two things: If yes, try the previous action that was causing the timeout.

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